It’s summer and today’s temperature is presented in dark red font as the weatherman slowly secures his place on your blacklist with the bad news — it’s an air conditioner type of week. You sink down in your new leather recliner, but your skin morphs into some sorta instant adhesive you wish they’d use on envelopes (that is, unless you have one of our Microfiber Recliners instead).

“Keep cool,” you repeat to yourself, but as the oscillating fan turns away giving you what you wish was the cold shoulder you realize it just isn’t the consoling friend you need right now.

Now what?! Summer is great, but currently, it’s HOTTER than an antiquated allusion to Hades mythic realm and you’re forgetting why you love it so much.

Well, we’re here to remind you with a few things you can only enjoy when it’s hot outside:


1.Iced Coffee

Tyler Nix

You can find ice tea on any list, but how about the exquisite nectar of that sweet bean we call coffee? When it’s cold and we need that morning wake up wonder we reach for a cup of joe, of course, but when it’s hot out coffee suddenly transcends — from its winter chrysalis it emerges a versatile dessert straight from the fountain of life. No longer constrained to the morning, you put some ice in your cup and it becomes your new pal at midday when the sun has found its summit.


2. Berry Picking

andrew welch

Nothing ripens the vine quite like summer, and picking season is our favourite. The hotter the days the better it is to find something like blueberries that offer a bit of shade and also a nice treat for your hard work. Fill up your basket because they’ll go great with our number three pick.


3. Ice Tea

ShengGeng Lin

See we said you could find this on any list, but come on, can you blame us? If you’re like us you did your berry picking on one of the cooler days so now you can add them to the tea and get almost any variation. A little tip from our friends from the south — put the sugar in the hot water first before adding the tea to get a true southern sweet tea. That’s right we just gave away the secret to your grandmother’s age-old recipe. Oops.


4. Lemonade Stands

Rod Long

If you didn’t run one you’ve seen one in the neighborhood. That little girl down the street is tomorrows future entrepreneur, so think about it, you’re supporting local small business. And at only five cents, what a steal!


5. Ice Cream

Michelle Tsang

I’m not sure there is anything we could say here that hasn’t already been said. I mean this creamy confection inspired its own song and has people screaming over it. Though we don’t recommend actually screaming for ice cream we do recommend hot fudge. Yum!


6. Spicy BBQ

Jon Tyson

Crazy notion, I know, it’s hot out and we’re suggesting you stand near a hot grill, but hear us out here. Is anything better than a spicy marinated glaze on a juicy slab of charbroiled meat? You can’t seriously tell us this could work any other time of the year? Also, spicy food actually increases your inner core temperature to match the outside temperature. With increased circulation, you begin to sweat, and sweat keeps you cool. What better way to cool off then with spicy meat that melts off the bone?


7. Poolside

Toni Cuenca

The water is that perfect temperature where dipping your toe no longer resides in “I dare you” territory. No, today is hot so you can plunge head first if you want. Bonus if you live near a swimming hole. Grab a rope swing or leap off the diving board because the water is just right!


8. Open-toes shoes

Joan MM

What’s the first thing you do when you get home after a long day? Kick off your shoes? Well, summertime is all about letting your feet breathe. Sure we made number eight open-toed shoes, but if you want to go barefoot we won’t judge, heck we might just join you.


9. Rooftop Restaurants


Outdoor seating, a skyline view, what could be better? Oh, we know, how about the chef’s special. Every time you eat out you’re really just eating in, only you’ve moved the “in” to another location. We love dim lit venues and restaurant atmosphere, but there is nothing like enjoying a well-prepared meal out on the terrace overlooking the world.


10. Friends

Simon Maage

Let’s face it, we’ve become a little more Netflix alone with our significant other and a little less what’s happening with our friends kinda culture. Which is why heat is really great in these situations because, after all, who really wants to stick to the recliner for seven consecutive seasons of Mad Men when we could find some shade in the park with friends we hadn’t seen most of the year. Sad reality, we know, but hey we can still change that and the summer heat might just be the fire under our feet to get us motivated. So why not pick up the phone and get connected with old friends?


What do you think? Tell us what are some of your favourite ways to stay cool for the summer.