It’s all coming together — you’ve picked out the perfect art for your home, but you’re still in need of something that can provide that artist panache to those bare floors. Afterall, a rug is to a floor what a piece of art is to a wall; it acts as a frame and brings all your furnishings together. A great rug can be used as the focal point for the room while providing cushion and warmth to a hard concrete, tile, or wood floor. So how does one pick out the perfect “art piece” to go underneath the furniture?

Here’s what you need to consider when picking out the perfect area rug to accent your home:


Before we get into picking based on aesthetic beauty let’s cover a few practical tips to deciding on the type of rug you’ll start with. Yes, it’s art, but it’s art under our feet so it needs to last. So the first question you should ask is what room it’s going into?


Rooms with heavy foot traffic

Vintage Rugs

Chantelle Traditional Area Rug from our Royal Suite Collection


For entryways where foot traffic is high try a low pile rug which will be less likely to hold dirt and be easier to clean. And when it comes to the dining room make sure the priority is stain resistant blends.


Social rooms

Kerouac Minimalism Area Rug

Kerouac Minimalism Area Rug


In any living area, go for something comfortable. High pile rugs can provide more cushion for your feet as you sit and watch your favourite show.


Every room is different and size counts. You want to ensure that you leave a border around your area rug to let the surrounding flooring show through. This creates a natural divide to act as a frame and create visual interest. If it’s touching the walls then you’re in carpet territory and it’s no longer a rug.

The Rule

The area rug should be a minimum of six inches and no more than two feet away from the wall.


It’s once again important to consider what room the rug will be featured in.

If your rug is going to sit in the dining room remember that furniture is usually centered over it. You will want to find a rug big enough to fit your table and allow space for your chairs to move in and out without catching on the edge. To achieve the best look center the furniture over the rug and select a rug which fits the tables overall shape — if your table is round go with a round rug.

For the bedroom, you have some flexibility. You can choose to have the rug sit all the way underneath the bed and extend out beyond the foot, you can place a small rug at the foot of the bed, or two running along the sides.

If a rug is placed in front of the couch make sure it is the same width or slightly longer to create the perfect ensemble.

Modern Rugs, Offshore Mist Area Rug, 7PM Collection, Brown,

Offshore Mist Area Rug, 7PM Collection


Something else to consider with patterned rugs is that bold patterns on smaller rugs create the illusion that the room is larger than it is; if you place furniture on the rug avoid covering the design, instead ensure that it can be viewed from all angles.

Chantelle Traditional Area Rug, Blue

Chantelle Traditional Area Rug from our Royal Suite Collection


As with any design choice, it is important to choose what fits your style. Your home should not only express your personality, but it should be something that feels right to you. Hopefully, we’ve given you a place to start when it comes to choosing a rug. Let us know what you think, what rug best fits your style?